Syssitia applies a partnership model to build long-term relationships with clients and prides itself in its approach to deliver real business value. The focus is on deriving business benefit in merging people, process and technology. This is done through experience, knowledge, and expertise and the application of best practice.

For a decade there is a tendency in the market for offshore development. Once a speciality FOR larger companies, in India for example, Syssitia is bringing better fit 'near shore' solutions also for midsized and smaller companies. Better fit is brought by Syssitia's entire European 'near shore' concept.

Founded by experienced business people in the field Syssitia professionals have learned to deliver world-class quality both in process as in products. All activities from Syssitia are subject to the highest standard of corporate governance combined with demanding integrity of professional behavior of each individual working for the company.
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